OS X 10.7.3 brings higher dpi pointer icons

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OS X pointers comparisonIt appears Apple has updated its pointers in OS X v10.7.3 with higher dpi (dots per inch), something the average user probably wouldn’t notice. The change allows the icons to scale much better at higher resolutions, which could likely be for Universal Access or possibly even to accommodate a future higher-resolution Mac.

Various pointer icons included in OS X have been updated in 10.7.3, some with changes other than simply being updated with high dpi, as can be seen in the image to the right. This update is more significant for what it could mean in the future rather than what it means right now, and it likely won’t do you much good to have high dpi pointers at the moment.

Hopefully this move does indeed indicate that Apple has some higher-resolution plans for its future Macs.

Via [MacRumors]

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