Apple lawsuit wrap-up for January 2012

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Rumored iPad 3 Dock ConnectorJanuary 2011 featured many more patent lawsuits. In case you missed them, here’s a handy list of the most important new lawsuits and updates on old ones.

  • This is a convoluted tale of insurance woes when Apple renovated a subway station near a new Apple store in Chicago. A woman was walking in the construction site, fell and broke her hip 19 days before the insurance coverage started. Apple, Pepper Construction Company, and the Chicago Transit Authority sued Colony Insurance Company since they were denied coverage after the woman sued them. Colony Insurance Company sued in return saying they didn’t have to pay and the Chicago Transit Authority wasn’t part of the insurance anyway. If you want the details, go to Apple Insider.
  • Taiwanese site had a picture of what they said was going to be the new dock and ribbon connector cable for Apple’s iPad 3 tablet (see image above). Unfortunately, the supplier in charge of the part is suing the website according to this Google translated page.
  • In Appletell’s lawsuit wrap-up for December 2011, we reported that Apple was fined $1.2 million in Italy for not letting their customers know about the EU-mandated two-year warranty. Apple has since updated the Italian Apple Store with a link to the court decision. Whether Apple will appeal the fine is unknown.
  • Kodak has been suing many companies over patents lately in a desperate attempt to stay in business. Recently it sued Apple who has responded with claims that it owns the patents in question.
  • Apple and Elan Microelectronics have been fighting over patents for a while. Even though the International Trade Commission sided with Apple last year, they reached an agreement where Apple pays Elan $5 million and they agree to share the patents.
  • Apple, Google, and five other technology companies face a lawsuit for violating antitrust laws when they made an informal agreement to not poach each other’s employees. The judge in the case wants to see detailed information about the agreements made, and the resulting damages could be hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Apple has appealed after a judge decided they didn’t have the right to use the iPad name in China.
  • Motorola is suing Apple again over some patents used on the iPhone 4S and iCloud related to wireless antennae, messaging, data filtering, and other software technologies.
  • In October 2011, Apple won a patent “detailing the method of sliding an onscreen mark to unlock the iOS operating system on a mobile device,” and now they’re using it against Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus. However, this patent is a utility model registration which doesn’t come under the same level of scrutiny as a traditional patent application, and might not hold up in court.
  • Apple is reported to have spent $100 million in its many battles against HTC.
  • Samsung is under investigation by the European Commission to determine if their use of standard-essential FRAND patents as leverage in their ongoing lawsuit battle against Apple violates EU antitrust laws. This follows losses Samsung has suffered in Europe, including Germany upholding the ban of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and dismissing their second 3G patent lawsuit against Apple. However, they did win a victory in the Netherlands where a court has ruled that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 doesn’t infringe on Apple’s designs.
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