Monster Wars now being waged on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

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Monster Wars

Hopefully, you fought in the Legendary Wars last year on Apple’s iDevices. The undead forces of the Netherworld were attacking, after all, and it was up to you to save Legendaria from their onslaught. Tremendous fun. But wouldn’t it also be fun to see things from the monsters’ point of view? Of course it would, and that’s why we now have Monster Wars from developer Liv Games.

In this follow-up to Legendary Wars, you’ll play through the eyes of the monsters in a brand new adventure. Like its predecessor, Monster Wars is a blend of traditional RTS, castle defense, action and RPGs in a beautifully animated (and somewhat twisted) fantasy world.

Join the Netherworld Monster army, which includes over a dozen charming characters, each with their own unique special moves, upgrades, and personality. The game contains even more variety and modes than its heroic predecessor, allowing player to choose their favorite Monsters before each battle. New modes include catapult battles, huge wars, and hero action levels which let players take their favorite unit and destroy the kingdoms of their enemies.

The monsters will have to adventure through the corrupted lands of Legendaria. Their travels will take them on a quest to resurrect the dragons in all new environments; ranging from the underground realm of the Netherworld to the sacred Skyhaven. Monster Wars presents a rich, varied set of mini-games and three unlock-able game modes. The story is humorous and quirky, and the smooth animation and  vibrant art style provides even the most avid gamers with an exciting world to explore. Through over 60 stages the game introduces over 50 playable and upgradeable Monsters. All the favorites are here, from Skullys and Zombies, to Vamps and Werewolves and many more. Mutate them into even stronger creatures and crush the Heroes that will attempt to destroy your army. Face off with the Six Pillars, huge commanders of Legendaria armies, in the new land of Skyhaven.

I had a chance to speak with Liv Games at Macworld | iWorld 2012, and they were quick to point out how they listened to fans of Legendary Wars to make improvements in this game. Aside from the improved graphics and animation, Monster Wars is a universal app for both iPad and iPhone / iPod touch, and save games be transferred between the two via iCloud. And although it does offer power-ups via in-app purchases, the developers state that gamers will not need to rely on them in order to work through the 60+ levels through 7 environments.

Another fun new feature is that you get to choose your own monster, which can customize throughout the game with new capabilities and, of course, outfits. You can also use these upgraded monsters in over a dozen endless battle modes to earn bonus rewards.

Monster Wars

Monster Wars requires iOS 4.0 or later, and is available for $0.99 on the iTunes App Store. An Appletell review will be posted soon.

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