Free Apps Roundup for February 3, 2012

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Whether you’re trying to be more organized, want to see the latest app from NASA or just want some paid apps for free, you’re going to be happy with this week’s list. There’s a great organization app called Wunderkit that looks great and promises to keep you on track. NASA released a traffic controller game, and Steam Mobile is out of beta already. Then there are also all those limited time freebie apps. Enjoy.


  • Wunderkit – Organization is something many of us lack. Wunderkit would like to help. It organizes all of your projects into one place in a well-designed and visually appealing app. Each project can have its own workspace with notes and tasks and can even track team progress. Furthermore, the service supports collaboration, so feel free to invite your friends from Facebook or Twitter to work with you as a team for a particular project. Status updates will keep you updated as to the progress made by your teammates, and the whole thing syncs to the cloud.
  • Sector 33 – It’s hard to believe you could make physics any more fun than it already is, but if there’s one group of people that’s up to the challenge, it’s the good folks at NASA’s Ames Research Center. They’re trusting you as the lead air traffic controller for Sector 33 over Modesto, CA. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to merge arriving planes into a single, properly spaced traffic stream. There are 35 problems with two to five airplanes in each. There are four levels of certification to earn, locked levels, and likely some science points, too.
  • Steam Mobile – Well that was quick. Last week, Steam released this app in beta, but now it’s open to everyone. You can buy games and participate in the Steam community wherever you and your iOS device have a connection to the internet.

Free for a limited time:

  • Transparent Earth – Ever wonder what’s just beneath you? Like, what if you could look straight through the earth; what would be on the other side? This app will be happy to help you see just what that would be like with some augmented reality fun.
  • NumberLink – If you like sudoku but need a new challenge, check out this game. You star with a square game board divided into smaller squares. Some of the tiles are filled with numbers. There are two of each number on the board, just connect the numbers with a line. The tricky part is that you have to pass a line through every tile on the board, and they can’t cross each other. Challenge accepted?
  • Rogue Racing – How many 3D arcade racing games can one iOS device hold? I’m sure it could fit at least one more, right? What sets this one apart is the level of customization. You can personalize your car with over 50 different aftermarket parts and style options. The racing happens in very detailed, high frame rate 3D. There are 3 game modes, 24 different cars and unlimited customization.
  • Meernotes – Your notes are more than just mere notes, they’re meernotes. This app’s retro/fabulous design will help you express your noteworthy musings. It’s not a word processor, though. It’s more about the experience. You can have an unlimited amount of pages and notebooks, and it all syncs to DropBox. Plus, the developer is currently reworking everything, so if you download the app now, you’ll be in for something big in the coming months.
  • World Explorer – Love MineCraft? Then click the link and download already. This app will play, load and save your MineCraft worlds form PC or Mac and back. Basically, it’s MineCraft on the go, which means the controls have been reworked for a touch screen. Plus, it comes with the MineCraft Strategy Guide.
  • Super Mega Worm vs. Santa – Who comes up with these versus scenarios? I don’t know, but this one sounds fun. You play as Wojira, The Great Mega Worm and guess what; you’ve been bad. Not only that, but you’re not going to stop being bad. You’re going to crawl and eat your way through waves of North Pole inhabitants. But you’ll need to grow and evolve into the Super Mega Worm if you want to take down old St. Nick. He’s a tough cookie.
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