Game Your Video for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch review

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Category: Photo and video
Seller: Global Delight
Requirements: iOS 5.0 or later
Compatibility: iPhone 4/4S, iPod tough (4th gen), iPad 2
File Size: 17.8 MB
Version Reviewed: 1.01
Price: $0.99 (normally $1.99)

When Global Delight first started talking with us about Game Your Video at Macworld | iWorld this year, the app’s name left me with a different concept of what it would be about. I had visions of filming my relatives at the next reunion, then attacking their video personages with lasers and cluster bombs once everyone went home. That’s not quite it, but Game Your Video is still that fun.

Before I explain what the app is, I want you to understand that you already know why you need it. Your friends have forced you to watch their wedding videos, baby movies and cruise package highlights; the kind which mean that from now on you have to refer to your “friends” in quote. As much as we like to think the junk we’re throwing up on YouTube is interesting to anyone except ourselves, it rarely is. Sure, you can jazz them up with iMovie effects, but that often takes more effort than it’s worth.

With Game Your Video, Global Delight removes the effort, but increases the worth. With any latest gen iDevice, you can easily add effects, transformations, audio (both built-in and from your iTunes account) and “flavors” to any video in your library without altering the source file, then share them on YouTube or Facebook. The videos don’t have to come from your library, though; you can film them from directly within Game Your Video, and apply the effects and filters in real time. It’s stunning, really; both the video processing power of Apple’s iDevices and what Global Delight is able to create with that power.

Game Your Video

The interface is quite clean, although it’ll take a couple of moments to get used to it. Most everything you need can be obtained by swiping left and right. The app opens to its game controller icon, and it took me a bit to figure out that I had to swipe right to get to the app’s camera; I kept wanting to tap the controller icon, which takes you to your Library (videos you’ve altered) and Camera Roll (videos from your iPhone Camera app). Swipe to left, and you get the ability to edit your videos, join videos together, reverse a video, or check “I Did This,” which is a way to share your creations with other Grab Your Video users, and watch their movies, as well.

In app, you don’t get a ton of editing features. Intricate cuts and transitions aren’t the point to Game Your Video (and you can always export you videos to iMovie and such if you really need to). Rather, editing is a matter of tapping what you want to cut as the video plays, then tapping again to end the cut.

The other features of the app play out like that, too. There are some fantastic ones—Chaplin makes your video look and play like an old silent movie, horror adds some truly chilling sound and visual effects, etc.—but the control is all active.

Game Your Video

While filming (or playing a video already filmed), you tap buttons to pull in the effect you want on the fly. Swiping left and right brings up more options, all while the video is playing. Some of the effects are way over the top, some are subtle enough to actually be useful, and all of them are fun.

Heck, even the video processing animation is fun.

Game Your Video

And that’s the point, isn’t it. By throwing out detailed control, you have no choice but to just mess around, and that makes it more entertaining to use. I had a blast turning various rooms of my house into ghost hunter TV shows. My eight-year-old daughter recorded herself singing some Les Miserables, then added a chipmunk effect, then a baby effect, then she slowed it down, then she sped it up, then she stacked them…and she was having a blast all the while.

But here’s the kicker. Although she spent the entire afternoon interrupting my work to show me her latest creation, I can’t deny that each one was cooler than the last.

And that’s what makes Game Your Video so wonderful. In these days where videos bounce from the actual event to YouTube with just a few taps of an onscreen button, Game Your Video gives you the chance to actually make those videos worth watching with just a few more taps of a button. You already know how to use this app, because it works like your iPhone works: tap and swipe. And the more you use it, the more you realize what it can do.

So, I get it now. You’re not turning your video into a game, but you’re making it as fun as a videogame. I have a feeling I’ll be watching many more of my daughter’s video creations now, but I also have a feeling I’m not going to mind that at all.

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Game Your Video review
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