Halliburton dumps Blackberry for iPhone

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Halliburton has used RIM’s Blackberrys for more than 10 years, but AppleInsider has learned they will phase out thousands of Blackberrys in favor of the iPhone over the next two years.

According to an internal newsletter obtained by AppleInsider, Halliburton conducted “significant research” and came to the conclusion that “the iOS platform offered the best capabilities, controls and security for application development.” Later, a spokeswoman confirmed the company has about 4,500 employees using Blackberrys and is “engaged with Apple on this transition.”

The biggest reason for Halliburton to make the switch to iPhones is the security it offers, known collectively as mobile device management (MDM). In iOS 4 and 5, the MDM management software collects information about every iPhone (including what apps have been installed), ensuring OS updates are implemented, and to determine if a device has been jailbroken. All iOS devices running iOS 4 or 5 support MDM, and it works the same way on every iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The potential for installing malicious apps is also addressed since iOS devices that aren’t jailbroken can only download apps from Apple or from a selection of apps developed by the company.

Apple has been making significant progress in being accepted and used in the enterprise market. Recently, Apple’s Peter Oppenheimer noted that “nearly all” of the Fortune 500 companies now approve and support iPhones on their networks. The iPad is viewed by many as a standard business tool, as this Bloomberg article highlights, and Apple is hiring more people to work with specific industries that use the iPad, in part because CEO Tim Cook is more willing to work with enterprise customers.

Via [AppleInsider]

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