More people surf the web using iOS than OS X

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Chitika ios and os x web market share

Chitika, an on-line advertising data analytics company, reported their analysis of traffic on their ad network and found iOS impressions approaching OS X. This makes sense if you look at the most recent Apple fiscal report. Tim Cook reported that Apple sold 37.04 million iPhones, 15.43 million iPads, 15.4 million iPods, and 5.2 million Macs in the fiscal quarter 2012.

Keep in mind Chitika isn’t representative of the entire Internet, since they only analyzed their own ad network, and every web site will have a different ratio of iOS to OS X users.

Chitika wonders if Apple is on the “edge of cannibalizing its potential desktop market by focusing on its mobile device product mix.” In other words, whether Apple is depriving themselves of a Mac sale if a customer buys an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch instead. If this is happening, Tim Cook doesn’t seem concerned about it; Ars Technica reports him saying “There is cannibalization, clearly, of the Mac by the iPad, but we continue to believe that there’s much more cannibalization of Windows PCs by the iPad, and there’s much more left to cannibalize.”

There are other explanations for the decline in OS X impressions, such as users turning off ads in their browsers or people spending more time away from home and thus surfing more on their iDevice. It could also mean that Apple’s mobile devices are being purchased by Windows users who wouldn’t have bought a Mac anyway.

Via [Chitika]

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