Macworld | iWorld 2012: iPhone 4/4S case roundup

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It’s now been over a week since the Macworld | iWorld 2012 wrapped up in San Francisco, and the shift from the Mac to Apple’s iDevices appears to have been a success. Truth be known, the show was headed that way before IDG embraced it with the name change, as evidenced by the growing number of iPhone case developers occupying booths on the show floor. This year was no exception, as there were numerous companies with snazzy new cases to show off.

So, what do you say? Shall we take a look, then?

All Jack Boutique

One of my favorite items of the entire show, iPhone case or not, was All Jack Boutique’s Formati Collection for iPhone 4S. This line of CNC machine tooled cases contained some of the coolest and most unique options I’ve seen in quite some time, in both design and construction.

All Jack Boutique Formati iPhone 4/4S Case

But I’ve already covered these in our Surprising Finds article, so head over there for information and images. That’s important, because their website is still under construction so you won’t be seeing anymore there fore now. I was told at the show, though, that the line should be released by the end of February, so watch for it.

Product [All Jack Boutique]

Hub Innovations

People often use the word “bling” to describe their products. This is perhaps the most accurate use yet. Hub’s Couture line of cases for iPhone 4/4S features Swarovski Crystals on the back of the case, pretty much ensuring people are going to notice just what type of phone you have.

Hub Innovations Couture

Each case is individually hand made in the U.S.A., and the various designs (Classic, Pretty, and Punx Not Dead) are available in pink, black and white. If you’re thinking one of these would make a great Valentine’s gift, I’m afraid you’re too late for that. Because of high demand, each order takes about seven to ten days to ship. My apologies for the late notice.

Product [Hub Innovations]


Lafeada had a few different collections on display, most of which carried softer, more elegant stylings than what we’ll otherwise see here. Their Halo (including a model with more of those Swarovski Crystals), Belle and Arrow designs are shown below, but you’ll want to visit their website to also view the Spectrum and Armor models.


Lafeada prides itself on designing products that are young, lively and eco-friendly, but they’re equally focused on being customer friendly. Many of their collections are available in Family Packs (three colors in one pack), Plus Packs (iPhone case, screen guard and case guard) and/or Combo Packs (include a stylus). And speaking of styli, check out their i-Liner and Lip-Stick models. Not my thing, but they would be for those who love to accessorize.

Product [Lafeada]


Molife showed off a fairly large collection of cases at the show, but my favorite line was their 100% Aluminum Finish panels which work in conjunction with their MoBezel bumpers. As the company says, “Mopanel Aluminium features a perfect cut at the back to give your smart phone the perfect fit. These wow-worthy statement panels will refresh and reinvent the look of your smart phone.”

MoLife Phone 4S Cases

Included in this set is their horoscope line, pictured above. I’ve got no interest in horoscopes, but those are some pretty slick designs, and you can mix and match your “bumper” colors for a good variety of customization options.

Product [moLife]


Play. Live. Forever. That’s STYL’s advice. I say stick with the just first two, but I’m also not trying to inspire you to buy iPhone 4/4S cases like those pictured below.

STYL iPhone 4/4S cases

STYL was actually focusing on their headphones and iPad cases at the show. And although they have a fairly slick Express Wallet Case and a Combat Case designed specifically for gamers on the way, it’s the cases above that mostly attracted my attention. I like the unique choice of colors and the basic designs. They had a nice, soft feel to them, too. These are just prototypes, however, and the colors/designs could change before their release.

Product [STYL]

Tru Protection

Tru Protection had a couple of collections they were showing off, including the Heather Brown Collection (below left).

Tru Protection iPhone 4/4S Case

These cases in their Air Jacket line are just 1mm thick and are printed with durable ink on 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. Truth be told, I dig the cases on the right, more, but they’re not yet (no longer?) available at the Tru Protection website.

Product [Tru Protection]


This line of iPhone 4/4S cases is, obviously, all about color. If you couldn’t tell that from the names of the available models—Santorini Green, Sparkling Blue, Venom Pink, Lightning Orange, etc.—you could surely tell from the photo below.

Visbyh iPhone 4/4S cases

Beyond the color, the cases are your standard soft-touch hardshell construction, and take the Slender name seriously; they’re quite a bit thinner than they appear inside those bulky plastic containers. If all you need to make a statement with your iPhone case is bold color, this is certainly the way to go.

Product [Visbyh]

White Diamonds

And finally, we end with White Diamonds; “Purity, brilliance and … perfection!” as they’ll tell you. And I’ll be honest…this is one of the few high-fashion case designs I could actually see myself using.

White Diamonds

The Swarovski name appears here again, but many of the cases still manage to have a somewhat masculine design to them despite all the sparkles. White Diamonds works with artists Vince Fraser and Franke for some rather stunning designs, but I personally prefer their cases that just use color gradations to achieve their desired effect.

Product [White Diamonds]

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