Mass Effect 3 to get another iOS game tie-in

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Mass Effect 3Just as Mass Effect 2 got its own iOS game to tie-in from Electronic Arts with the traditional console counterparts, Mass Effect 3 will be going down the same road. This game in development, entitled “Mass Effect Infiltrator,” will reward the player within the console versions of Mass Effect 3 rather than just telling a character’s background story, as the Mass Effect 2 tie-in did.

Mass Effect Infiltrator will give players an increased “Galactic Readiness rating,” an element used in the game’s “Galaxy at War” system which ties into the console’s multiplayer component. Playing the iOS tie-in will also allow players the chance to earn exclusive weaponry, another reason Mass Effect 3 fans should purchase the iOS tie-in.

Mass Effect Infiltrator should be available on the App Store very soon, as Mass Effect 3 is just about a month away from release.

Via [TUAW]

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