MacBook Pros this Tuesday?

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It seems when that magic day rolls around for us apple fans, we get a slight sense of joy, hoping and praying for the next release or update from Apple. Well, this Tuesday is no different with much speculation arising over new MacBook Pros. Recent reports were stating that we would have to wait until WWDC (June 11th) to receive an update to the MBP line, but we may see updates as early as this Tuesday (June 5th). (French) posts the following from a reseller:

There’s some news. We’ve just ordered the new MBP ! Launch expected for next tuesday… But Apple didnt’t say anything about the specifications. We have to order blind-eyed… If i’ve got some other news, i’ll keep you informed.

This information itself is not necessarily convincing, as resellers are usually not in the know on new product releases, and our guess is as good as theirs on product updates. Many are curious as to if the new update would be the LED / Santa Rosa update we’ve all been waiting for. Better battery life and faster MBPs are always welcome in my books. We’ll just have to wait and see what Tuesday brings, or doesn’t.

via [Mac Rumors]

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