Schreer Delights nostalgic iPhone 4/4S cases

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Apple’s products of late fit largely into one of two design categories: white+aluminum or black+aluminum. Plastic as a design material is apparently right out,  yet nostalgia will have its way despite the relentless march of minimalist aesthetic. Schreer Delights, an offshoot of Schreer Design, has developed a line of iPhone 4/4S cases designed to mimic vintage Apple designs. These cases celebrate classic designs ranging from the early beige days right up to the iPhone’s predecessor, the scroll wheel iPod, and their photorealistic three dimensional appearance really makes them stand out from amidst a sea of bland cases.

Vintage Apple

Schreer’s cases span several well-loved product lines, starting with the original Macintosh all-in-one.  The Retro Macintosh features the beloved rainbow Apple logo, beige plastic, and a variety of ports including old-school SCSI and couple DIN connectors.  The Classic iMac hearkens back to the second incarnation of the famous all-in-one that saved Apple back in the late ’90s, with five “lickable” rainbow colors to choose from and even some pinstripe plastic for extra schmaltzy “remember when?” moments.  Other retro designs include an iPod and G4 ‘Graphite” Power Macintosh design.

Other Designs

Should vintage Apple not be the look you desire, Schreer makes a number of other incredible cases. The cases are of the hard-plastic variety, but use a tromp l’oleil printing method to achieve three-dimensional realism – the leather and burled walnut look like real leather and woodgrain. The non-Apple designs span several ancient civilizations themes, including an accurate rendering of the Rosetta Stone, an imprint of the Aztec Calendar, and a Mayan relief carving. Several fantasy themes are available for the non historically-minded, like Chinese Dragons, Elvish Ranger, and Chain Mail; nods to the popular TV show Lost include a Dharma Initiative logo case and a photo-realistic rendering of the Hatch.

All Schreer cases offer full access to all ports and switches, and are compatible with both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The designs are printed deep into the plastic shell cases so they resist fading or scratching away, which is a good thing because these cases are sure to draw comment. Most are $45 plus shipping and handling, with payment handled via PayPal (Schreer does accept credit cards through PayPal). Since the nostalgia Apple cases have been getting some coverage in the blogosphere, they have gone temporarily out of stock, but be sure to check back often. Any one of these cases is a guaranteed conversation starter, especially if you manage to find a real vintage Mac user (and not one of the newbies who joined during Apple’s ‘Aqua’ phase)!

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