Apple airs two new TV ads showing Siri capabilities

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Apple TV commercials

Following up on the iPhone 4S Christmas commercial showing Santa using Siri, Apple has released two additional TV commercials promoting Siri, the voice-activated virtual assistant. Like previous commercials, Apple highlights the ability of Siri to be helpful with your life’s daily tasks, such as finding out locations, setting reminders and maybe inspiring a future musician.

These ads are available to watch on Apple’s website, but we’ve embedded them below for your convenience, of course.

Siri: “Road Trip”

The first ad is titled “Road Trip,” and shows a lovely couple planning a trip with Siri—from finding out the best route and the nearest gas stations to learning how big the Grand Canyon is to searching for the best barbecue and finding out about rodeos along the way.

Siri: “Rock God”

The second ad is titled “Rock God,” and features a young teenager seeking the assistance of Siri in showing where to buy a guitar, how to play certain songs, suggesting names for his band, sending messages to his friends about when and where to practice, and calling him “Rock God.”

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