Macworld | iWorld 2012: On hand with CrashPlan+

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At MacWorld | iWorld 2012, I got to meet Mike Evangelist, the Chief Marketing Officer from Code42. The company was started in 2001 with a home/consumer application base and has been developed into an enterprise level data recovery option. CrashPlan+, online backup for Mac and Unix machines, was released in 2006. The company currently employs 90 people in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has acquired a new financial backer in Silicon Valley.

In speaking with Mr. Evangelist this new development has brought a greater sense of stability not only for the folks in Minneapolis, but for the general user population. There may be some trepidation at the prospect of handing your data backup and retrieval to a company that might have an unpleasant dot-com moment. However, with the new Silicon Valley interest and financial backing, users are put a much more at ease regarding the stability of the enterprise handling their digital lives.

Another bit of user reassurance is finding out who some of the more notable CrashPlan+ users are: Google, Oracle and a computer company you might have heard of called Apple.

CrashPlan+ features easy installation with a “just click go” style feature to start using the app. The program transmits a default backup of the home directory once per hour to CrashPlan+, but the user or Systems Administrator has the ability to set the backup interval down to once per minute. The data is encrypted for secure remote storage. Data retrieval and restoration are handled either from the CrashPlan+ software or from a web browser. Just log in to the secure site, validate your credentials, and you can recover your data. The service will work with Unix, Mac and mobile iOS with a connection to the interweb. There is a service option ($60/year fee) that will get you a new physical hard drive with all of your recovery data shipped to you via overnight courier from the kind folks at Code42.

Speaking of our friendly systems admins (you know who you are), CrashPlan+ uses a differential backup so you don’t need to worry about each transmission taking forever because it is only registering new changes since the last backup. There is also a set of admin tools for on boarding/off boarding employees.

The Enterprise version is also highly scalable; Mr. Evangelist indicated the software can handle everything from one-man operations to large global companies. If you are concerned about having the hardware to handle your own off-site disaster recovery, don’t worry; Code42 also sells on-site CrashPlan+ hardware in the form of a Linux based server.

Whether you are a large corporation or just an at home digiphile who wants to make sure you don’t lose all the stuff on your machine, CrashPlan+ offers you an easy way to back up your data and sleep well at night.

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