Macworld | iWorld 2012: SmartDay, SmartPlans and ScrapBook by Left Coast Logic

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Left Coast Logic started three years ago with an iPhone organizer, the original version of which boasted over 1 million downloads. This year, the company was at the 2012 MacWorld | iWorld in San Francisco with a new toy they want to share: ScrapBook has just been added to the company’s list of productivity apps, allowing you to create records with plenty of visual appeal. There will now be three programs in the suite of apps: SmartDay, SmartPlan and ScrapBook.

SmartDay web was launched on January 27th and is free for current app installs. The rollouts for Mac and iPad are first, and will be ready around the end of February or beginning of early March. The apps started separately, but are now coming together with new names to coordinate the brand. You can connect with the existing iCal, and SmartDay includes whatever filters apply in iCal so the functions should feel familiar.  For tasks, the developers have chosen the free online Toodeldo tool (chosen as the “lowest common denominator”).  The web version has the same functionality and interface as the iDevice version, so the transition is transparent.


The next version will provide iPad contact management capability and will connect to the iPhone and Mac contacts list, creating a database of contacts and communications with those contacts (out in about six months).  At this point, you will still need to use a third party for e-mail, but the developers expect to add e-mail as a resident function in the future.  The current version is primarily for end users, but an enterprise version in the works, including group task management, and is due out in about six months.

SmartPlans is the project management app for groups of projects for one user. This philosophy was adopted since the average Apple user is a small (one person) business or a student with limited personnel and lots of stuff to do. When scheduling your tasks and activities, the app will display a sort of Gantt chart with overlapping layers that represent the projects and their duration. You can drag and drop or drag and stretch each project to manage duration and time allocation, which works like a level loading function for your time. If you have five projects and not enough time to get them all done in three weeks, you can stretch one or more of the projects out a bit to see if the time requirement can be reduced enough to not need more coffee.

The updated version will also synch with iCal on the iPad to keep all of your stored information easily accessible.

ScrapBook is the new kid on the block.  The official release is scheduled for around the end of February or beginning of early March to coincide with the branding and update changes going on with the entire app suite. With ScrapBook, you can create as many “pages” as you like, and add pictures, notes and even maps from Google Maps.  Like other iOS programs, you can tap and drag, stretch, rotate and otherwise manipulate, fold, spindle and possibly mutilate your project.


The app is very easy to use, so the mutilate option may be a bit out there.  It is  primarily a tool to create a digital photo album where you can record your vacations, special events and happy memories. You can also use it to create basic business presentations and even create business travel documents complete with pictures of people you need to visit, a map of how to get there and information about the trip.

All in all, a handy suite of applications.

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