2big Thunderbolt from LaCie available for purchase

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LaCie has just released the 2big, a new series of external Thunderbolt storage devices with a 4 TB model for $649 and a 6 TB model for $799 (the Thunderbolt cable is purchased separately for $49 at the Apple Store). The 2big is in addition to their Little Big Disk series that came out last September, which has 1 TB and 2 TB models.

Each 2big comes with two hard drive disks which are hot-swappable and can be set up with either RAID 1 (which uses one hard drive to mirror the other for safety) or RAID 0 (for maximum speed and storage). LaCie includes a RAID monitor which alerts you when a disk needs maintenance, identifies which drive has failed, and helps you to resolve the issue.

With two available Thunderbolt ports, you can connect up to six peripherals together; either additional 2big hard drives, a monitor, or computer. Doing this increases the performance from a read speed of 327 MB/s for one 2big drive to 676 MB/s for four or more 2big drives. If you do want multiple 2big drives, LaCie sells a separate d2 Desk Rack to keep them organized.

For more information about LaCie’s 2big external Thunderbolt storage devices, visit the official web site where you can also purchase them.

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