ThinkMe! lets you add customized greetings on Facebook

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ThinkMe! greetingsIf, like every other human being on the face of the planet, you can only remember important dates (birthdays, weddings, funerals) once they show up in your Facebook timeline, conveniently giving you a way to express deep human affection by clicking “Like,” you’ll probably be interested in ThinkMe! It’s a new iPhone app with a very particular focus: posting customized greetings to Facebook.

Creating a ThinkMe! greeting

The basics of the app is it comes with a “pack” of 25 cards (images) that you can customize with text, or if you like you can record a brief audio message. You then send to the love of your life/bromeister supreme/frienemy and it shows up on his/her Wall. The company that makes the app is planning to sell more packs in the future, but you can also create new templates using your own image.

The nice part is that the app integrates with your Facebook notifications, meaning you can get pinged if there’s a birthday or event coming up for which you want to send a card. You can also prepare your cards ahead of time and set ThinkMe! up to send them on the appropriate day and time.

ThinkMe! is currently $0.99 in the App store and requires a Facebook account, obviously. Google+ is planned but no date has been announced.

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