320 kbps sync and streaming added to Spotify’s iOS app

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Extreme settingSpotify has had a good degree of success since launching in the United States last year, and started off even better when it was formerly only available in certain parts of Europe. Both Spotify’s desktop and mobile apps have seen a lot of popularity, and have improved greatly over time with new features and improvements added on a regular basis.

This time around, Spotify’s iOS app is seeing an exclusive new feature not yet available to any of the other Spotify apps for mobile devices—the ability to stream Spotify’s music library in 320 kbps—thanks to the addition of an “Extreme” setting that now allows for this. Streaming in such high quality has always been enabled in the desktop Spotify apps, but this marks the first time it has become available as an option in any of the mobile apps.

Most users with average-quality headphones won’t notice the difference in the higher streaming quality, but if you’re rocking some Beats by Dr. Dre or some other headphones in that range, you’ll be happily enjoying the quality boost with the new 0.4.23 update. Better yet, the quality boost to 320 kbps doesn’t only apply to streaming music, it also applies to tracks you sync for offline play. Of course, using this new Extreme setting is not recommended unless you’re using WiFi or have an unlimited data plan, as the quality boost comes with a boost in data usage.

If you’re a Spotify user and you’re not on the latest version yet, or if you’re new to the service, it’s available now for free in the App Store and will likely be coming to the Android Market and Windows Phone Marketplace shortly as well.

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