AssistConnect brings Siri to your older, jailbroken iDevice without a proxy server

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AssistantConnectMany jailbreakers may be aware that Siri has already been ported to older, incompatible iDevices through Cydia package Spire by iOS hacker/developer Grant Paul. The downside of Spire is that it requires the use of a proxy server, the owner of which needs to have the iPhone 4S keys to allow the proxy to properly function for use with Siri. Choosing to use Spire in order to access Siri on your older, incompatible iDevice will either require that you set up the proxy server yourself or that you find one that has already been set up for use. The major problem with that is that if you’re not willing to do all of the work yourself in acquiring the iPhone 4S keys and setting up the proxy server, you’re most likely going to have to shell out some money to use someone else’s. Most of the free proxy servers available for Spire are unreliable, as they are being overwhelmed by traffic.

Thankfully, Spire on its own is not the only option anymore. Two new packages in Cydia called “AssistantConnect” and “AssistantConnect4S” by Bilal S. Sayed Ahmad allow you to bring Siri to your older iDevice without having to connect to a proxy server. The only requirement for this method, unfortunately, is that you have an iPhone 4S at your disposal. The iPhone 4S doesn’t have to be yours, but it does have to be jailbroken, as does the iDevice on which you wish to install Siri (obviously).

In order to use AssistantConnect, you’ll first need to install Spire followed by AssistantConnect on the older iDevice and AssistantConnect4S on the iPhone 4S. The rest of the process, outlined in AssistantConnect4S’s package description within Cydia, is as follows:

  1. After installation, open AssistantConnect4S and reboot the iPhone 4S.
  2. After you reboot the iPhone 4S, open AssistantConnect4S again and invoke Siri (hold down the home button for a few seconds) and say something – anything you want to say.
  3. Tap the, “Email Siri Data” button and email it to any of your older iDevices that have AssistantConnect installed on them.
  4. Go over to your older iDevice (which should have not only AssistantConnect installed on it, but also Spire) and open the file that is emailed to you from the iPhone 4S.
  5. Enjoy Siri.

While you can use a single iPhone 4S to complete this process with a potentially infinite number of older iDevices, the developer warns that it’s best not to share your iPhone 4S’s Siri information with more than five people. If using Spire on its own has been proving impossible or inefficient for you and you have a jailbroken iPhone 4S available to you, AssistantConnect’s method is certainly much more desirable.

Via [ModMyi]

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