iBookstore updated with screenshots and an altered pre-order system

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iBookstorePublishers with content available on the iBookstore have been informed of improvements, bringing features that have been available in the App Store for some time. Among these new features are screenshots of published content and a promo code system allowing each publisher access to up to 50 codes for distribution to reviewers, just like for app developers.

An existing feature that is unique to the iBookstore and has now been altered is the iBookstore’s pre-order system for content. Publishers are now able to submit their content as available for pre-order without having to submit a cover, book assets, or custom previews until two weeks prior to publication.

Publishers are able to submit screenshots of their books with the same applicable rules as for app developers within the App Store: 1024 x 768 or 768 x 1024 screenshots in the RGB color space, in either .jpeg, .jpg, or .png format only. The addition of promo codes will certainly be beneficial to publishers in terms of marketing and getting their content noticed, just as it does for app developers.

It’s nice to see Apple bringing the iBookstore up to date with the App Store, even though the former is much newer.

Via [TUAW]

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