WinZip comes to iOS as a free app

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WinZipWindows users from back in the day likely remember WinZip, the free file compression utility. Back then, WinZip was the leader in that area until WinRar took its place in terms of popularity. WinZip is still around today on Windows (although with a $29.95 price tag and a free trial available), and now, strangely enough, is also on iOS devices.

If you happen to handle a lot of .zip files on your iDevice, WinZip could certainly come in very useful for you, especially considering it’s completely free on iOS. With it, you’re able to open and browse .zip files (including encrypted ones), view .zip file attachments from webmail, and more.

If the nostalgia is hitting you, and you want to give the free WinZip iOS app a try, grab your copy from the App Store.

Via [TUAW]

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