Garmin debuts BlueChart Mobile Marine for iPad

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BlueChart Mobile

Garmin—the folks who have been helping you take road trips or just get around in an unfamiliar town—have announced BlueChart Mobile with ActiveCaptain integration to help you navigate your water borne voyages. The big announcement was made at the Miami International Boat Show, which was held February 16 -20. With BlueChart Mobile you will be able to use your iPhone or iPad to chart your course and get real time feedback via the ActiveCaptain community. Having charts and data at your fingertips is essential, and the addition of a real time network of Captains providing updates makes getting from point A to point B a bit easier:

BlueChart Mobile utilizes the same BlueChart data available for Garmin chart plotters. Users can plan and create routes, view shaded depth contours and inter-tidal zones with spot soundings, and search for a marine service point to find out the phone number, hours of operation, and information about amenities and services available. With BlueChart Mobile, users will experience the same vector object-oriented data and seamless chart presentation found on Garmin chart plotters—on an iPad or iPhone. It’s easy to interact with the chart by utilizing the radial menu to mark waypoints, establish a destination for a route, and learn about the features on the chart.

Garmin’s BlueChart Mobile app also gives mariners the very best user experience when it comes to taking advantage of ActiveCaptain content. A web-based community, ActiveCaptain provides real-time content for marine data, reviews, local knowledge, anchorages and hazards generated by mariners for mariners. With BlueChart Mobile, users can use ActiveCaptain data to read and contribute information and reviews about their experiences on the water.

Additionally, with an internet connection, BlueChart Mobile helps mariners keep track of weather conditions, an important factor in tripping planning. While planning or creating a trip, users can utilize the BlueChart Mobile app to access temperatures, dew points, wind direction and speed, radar and cloud cover—all overlaid on the chart data. With BlueChart Mobile, mariners will also have accurate tide and current tables available right at their fingertips.

Now with all of the helpful data mobile and in real time, you can navigate your course with confidence. I’m not exactly the seafaring type, but a tool that will give you position, weather, hazards, points to put in for help or amenities, and navigation aids—while keeping it all up to date by the minute—seems an invaluable aid to setting out on a large body of water.

The BlueChart Mobile app is slated for release to the iStore during the second quarter of 2012 as a free download, with additional charts and info available by region (prices may vary).

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