Mobicrew releases Destiny Defense: Angel or Devil for iOS

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Destiny Defense: Angel or Devil

Destiny Defense: Angel or Devil is a side-scrolling action adventure tower defense game that gives players the option to battle as either an Angel or Devil on a journey through a rich fantasy landscape, defending the player’s castle from an attack by fierce opponents.

In addition to defenders, you control a flying unit commander that can summon additional defenders and deploy potions to restore health to defenders. Unit Commanders, defenders, and castles are upgradeable throughout the game. Each time a defender kills an enemy, the player receives a Magicstone which can be used to upgrade defender strength, increase commander unit abilities, and buy castle upgrades that include increase in Soul Points available and Magicstones earned per enemy defeat.

Game Highlights:

  • Fast and dynamic.
  • Choose between two unique and intricate storylines, with commanders and defenders.
  • Highly Advanced “Devil Mode” is unlocked after winning game “Angel Mode” creating a new opportunity for game play.
  • 90 game levels and multiple chapters keep game play innovative.
  • Control over battling character units and Unit Commander.
  • Battle options increase with ability and include opportunities to summon archers, priests, swordsmen, knights, and more.
  • Fully upgradeable units through the game unlock additional hero characters.

Destiny Defense: Angel or Devil requires an iPhone or iPod touch, iOS 4.0 or later (iOS 5 tested), and 28.0 MB.

In celebration of the release, there’s a contest with a $50 and $10 iTunes gift card as prizes if you download Destiny Defense: Angel or Devil and follow the directions on the contest page.

If Destiny Defense: Angel or Devil sounds like the game for you, head on over to the App Store and buy it for $2.99.

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