MLB At Bat 12 iOS apps to be free for paid MLB.TV subscribers

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MLB At Bat 12While baseball fans are excited about spring training, another reason to get excited is the fact that the MLB At Bat 12 iOS app for both iPad and iPhone/iPod touch will be free for MLB.TV premium (paid) subscribers. Anyone who’s subscribed to MLB.TV already (or plans to subscribe once the apps are released) won’t have to shell out any extra money for the apps, which is quite a relief as the subscription itself already costs $124.99 USD/year or $119.99 USD/year if you happened to subscribe last year. Of course, this price covers an entire season of 2,430 games, which is arguably a pretty good deal for the hardcore baseball fan.

The MLB At Bat 12 iOS apps will be available for free on the iTunes Store on February 29th, right when spring training kicks off. Since the apps will be free, it is uncertain if they will provide any functionality for users who don’t subscribe to MLB.TV, although it’s unlikely.

Via [TUAW]

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