Apple to roll out movie rental service this autumn?

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The Financial Times is reporting that Apple may be in talks with Hollywood movie studios about launching a movie rental service via iTunes. A film would cost $2.99 for a 30 day rental, and its Digital Rights Management (DRM) software would allow it to be moved from a computer to at least one other device such as an iPod or the soon to come iPhone. Movie rentals seem to be the next logical step in getting the Apple TV – and the computer in general – into more living rooms.

At one of Apple’s shareholder meetings, Steve Jobs was asked the question about movie rentals via the Apple TV. Steve’s reponse was “One never knows.”

One thing that I’d like to see is a subscription service like Netflix or Blockbuster’s TotalAccess that gives you all-you-can-eat access to the movie library. Now I don’t think we’ll be seeing this service popup at today’s Steve Jobs WWDC keynote, but maybe we’ll see it at next year’s Macworld?

Read [Financial Times] Via [MacRumors]

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