[Rumor] Apple to launch major redesign of 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pro

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There have been many rumors within the tech industry that Apple is looking to abandon its current MacBook Pro form factor in favor of a lighter “MacBook Air” design. Apple is apparently working on project to introduce an “ultra-thin” 15-inch Mac Notebook, and new reports are claiming the new models may replace the existing MacBook Pro line, leaving Apple with just one general model of notebook computer.

Today, DigiTimes reported that we could expect Apple to finally launch their new, thinner MacBook Pro models around the month of April. The publication’s data from DigiTimes comes from an alleged supply chain sources. The report only mentions the 13″ and 15″ models, without any word on the larger 17″ MacBook Pro. However, previous reports mentioned that Apple is focusing on making changes first to its 15″ Macbook model, then later rolling out a similar design for the 17″ MacBook Pro model.

Apple is expected to launch new MacBook Pro notebooks with an even thinner and lighter design than existing models in April, at the soonest. […]

Apple is expected to launch upgraded 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pros in April with initial shipments estimated to reach 900,000 units.

According to numerous reports, the new MacBook Pro models from Apple are expected to sport the Intel’s next-generation Ivy Bridge processors, amongst other improvements. It’s been long-rumored that with Apple’s success of the Mac App Store, it will ultimately make the switch from the traditional optical CD drives to the digital downloads, along with ditching the hard drives in order to make room for the flash memory storage.

It’s worth noting that,even though these rumors say Apple is “set to launch a new MacBook Air model” around spring, the timeline for its release was not given. Up until now, the rumors of a MacBook Pro refresh have been mostly based on speculation, especially when it comes to discussing release dates.

And with confirmation that the Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors for Ultrabooks were delayed from April until June, it looks like some the predictions of DigiTimes should be taken with a liberal sprinkling of salt.

Via: [DigiTimes]

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  • Apple Turnover

    I often wonder how Apple manages to dissipate the heat produced by those powerful processors in a MacBook Pro in such a slim design. I guess one of those notebooks could get rather hot sitting on someone’s lap.

  • Michael

    Why do people respond to stories in digitimes like they are real? They are the National Enquirer of tech rags, headline sensationalizing and wrong!