EA puts an end to its Battlefield 3: Aftershock iOS game

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Battlefield 3: AftershockMost PC and console gamers are aware of Battlefield 3, one of the most popular first-person shooter games available right now. Many may not be aware, though, that Electronic Arts had released a mobile version of the game on iOS last month, called Battlefield 3: Aftershock. This is because EA quickly pulled the mobile Battlefield 3 from the App Store due to complaints about various aspects of the game, such as its controls.

Back when EA pulled the game, the company stated they were doing so to improve it before re-releasing it. It seems EA has changed their mind about that, as they have now announced that Battlefield 3: Aftershock will not be coming back on the App Store at all. They’ve stated that the game’s servers will remain up for approximately another month for those who downloaded it before it was pulled, and after that the only way to play any form of Battlefield 3 will be through the full PC/console version.

Via [TUAW]

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