World of Warcraft entices players back with Scroll of Resurrection

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WoW Spectral Gryphon

Have you played World of Warcraft in the past, left to try out other games, and now want to go back? Want to get into the latest Cataclysm content right away but your character is under level 80? Blizzard has the solution to these conundrums with the updated Scroll of Resurrection, which gives both you and a current player great rewards.

If you accept a Scroll of Resurrection from a current World of Warcraft player you get the following benefits:

  • A single character immediately boosted all the way to level 80.
  • A free upgrade to Cataclysm. Someone who hasn’t played since the original release would receive all of the game’s content for free, including the Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm expansions.
  • An optional free character move and faction change to the inviter’s realm and faction, making it easy to join old friends in the adventure.
  • Seven free days of game time available immediately upon accepting.

The person who gives the Scroll of Resurrection will get a special mount once the returning player pays for at least 30 days; a Spectral Gryphon (pictured above) for the Alliance and a Spectral Wind Rider (pictured below) for the Horde.

WoW Spectral Wind Rider

For more information on how to receive or send your own Scroll of Resurrection, check out Blizzard’s blog post and Official FAQ to find out more.

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