Apple highlights its U.S. job creation

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U.S. job creationApple has posted a new page on its website that outlines the impact it has had on jobs and job creation within the United States. The page mostly draws focus to jobs created by what it calls the “app economy,” as well as through Apple’s retail stores, customer support and other means. Overall, Apple claims to have created or supported 514,000 jobs in the United States alone, as shown in the image above.

Indeed, Apple has had a major impact on job creation worldwide in many ways. From employees that manufacture Apple’s devices to those who sell them in Apple stores, Apple is ultimately responsible for providing them all with their work. Most significantly, in my opinion, is the recent job creation growth caused by app development. When Apple launched the iPhone SDK (now called the iOS SDK) and the App Store, it opened up a huge method for programmers to potentially make a lot of money creating apps and games for Apple’s mobile platform. That industry continues to see success and growth throughout the entire world to this day, which I think is pretty damn amazing.

It is great to see Apple focus on keeping a lot of its jobs within the U.S., unlike many other major corporations that try to save money by outsourcing jobs to foreign countries where labor is cheaper. While Apple does still participate in this, particularly in terms of manufacturing, at least it tries to keep as many jobs within the United States as it can. Many companies don’t even keep their customer service jobs within the U.S., but Apple proudly does, and they highlight that fact on this new web page which you should take a look at.

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  • Ed Podowski

    Thank you Apple! We always have known that you are responsible for adding jobs in America, but this is not what Americans are concerned about these days. Apple has shipped more jobs than this overseas. The jobs overseas are exploiting men, women and CHILDREN who are working 12 hour shifts in factories, forced to live in company owned dorms like slaves, [over] pay for meals eaten in company owned cafeterias, all for pennies an hour. The suicide rate among it youngest workers is very high. Apple knew about this. If the Chinese were paying good wages and treating their employees well we would not be having this conversation.