Apple’s 25 billionth download is kind of a letdown

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Where’s My Water? Seriously? And the free version, at that?

Apple recently hit the 25 billion app download mark, which is a rather remarkable achievement. Chunli Fu of Qingdao, China was the person who downloaded the magical number, and will therefore receive a $10,000 App Store gift card from Apple.

Congratulations to Chunli, but I don’t share the joy for the app that was downloaded. In fact, I feel kind of cheated. All those wonderful apps in the App Store, all of those developers who could use the free publicity for a nice revenue boost, and the winning app is Where’s My Water? Free? That’s the equivalent of the Chicago Bulls winning the NBA draft lottery.

I know Where’s My Water? is a decent enough game. My wife plays it incessantly, and she doesn’t often get into games too much anymore. But what’s the fun in talking about an app that’s already this popular? Worse, what’s the fun in talking about Disney? Know what would’ve been a better app for the 25 billionth download? Fart!!. Not Fart, for Fart!, but Fart!! with two exclamation marks. I hate these “novelty” apps as much as all right-minded people, but I would’ve loved to see Apple have to promote an app called Fart!!.

Other apps that would’ve made for a more interesting news headline:

But no, we get Where’s My Water? Free. Oh well. Disney’s happy. Apple’s happy. Chunli Fu is happy. Whether the editor of an Apple news/feature site is altogether happy doesn’t so much come into play. And I’ll get over it. After all, I just discovered that there’s an app called Frantic Frigate, and “frigate” is, like, only the best word ever.

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