Apple offering AppleCare+ for new iPad

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AppleCare+Anyone purchasing a new iPad will now have the ability to obtain an AppleCare+ service plan along with it, offering a one-year extension to Apple’s standard one year of hardware-related technical support and 90 days of technical support over the phone, as well as coverage for accidental damage. This new AppleCare+ plan for iPad is just like it is for the iPhone 4S, covering up to two incidents of accidental damage (although with a $49 fee for each incident).

The AppleCare+ service plan for iPad covers the following items:

  • the iPad itself (of course)
  • the battery
  • any Time Capsule or AirPort device purchased alongside the iPad
  • the USB cable
  • the power adapter

In order for customers to qualify for AppleCare+, they’ll need to purchase it within 30 days of purchasing their iPad. As long as no damage to the iPad occurs within that 30 days, a customer can bring their iPad to an Apple Store where it will be inspected by a Genius before AppleCare+ can be purchased.

Via [MacStories]

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