Special ArtRage for iPhone/iPad Discount during NAEA

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ArtRageTo mark the National Art Education Association (NAEA)’s annual conference last week in NYC, ArtRage is on sale. The theme of this year’s NAEA convention was Emerging Perspectives | Connecting Teaching, Learning, and Research, and what better emerging perspective on education than the explosion of Apple’s iOS in the education market? When iBooks alone are not enough, ArtRage is there to help you express your creativity.


More than an art app, and just shy of being a physics modeler, ArtRage brings lifelike artist supplies to your iDevice, including realistic paints, brush textures, and canvas options designed to look and act as they do in the real world.

The current discount features ArtRage for iPad marked down to $2.99 (normally $6.99), while ArtRage for iPhone is only $.99 (normally $1.99), but only through Sunday, March 11. The app is not available in a universal format, because the screen constraints on the iPhone force more of the interface to be hidden. Buttons that generate fly-up menus on the iPad instead slide over the whole screen on the iPhone (much like how the favorites button in Safari works differently on the iPad vs. iPhone). Files can be transferred easily between the apps on the iPhone and iPad, so buying both should not be a problem.

The genius of the ArtRage apps lie in their ability to accurately represent the characteristics of the physical media you use, which gives you the freedom to paint, draw, or sketch a picture that will look realistic when printed. Tools include a basic oil brush, paint tube and palette knife, pencil, ink pen, and crayon. All brushes feature multiple defaults and are adjustable. The program simulates the look of real drawing media as they interact with a variety of surfaces, which include canvas, various papers, and even special options like concrete and a blackboard. The app also supports multiple layers and opacity, so you have unlimited freedom to control your drawings.

Watch out for Appletell’s full review of ArtRage for iPad and ArtRage for iPhone coming soon. In the meantime, be sure to take advantage of this incredible discount, and check out more samples of ArtRage-created paintings.

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