Free Apps Roundup for March 9, 2012

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This week on the Free Apps Roundup, it’s limited time freebie week again. Developers are choosing to give them apps away for who knows why. And who are we to argue with them? There’s a great new panorama app called SpinCam, a resistor identification app, and a bunch of utilities and games. Fill up your iOS device before they start charging again.

The Top Three:

  • SpinCam – If you have an iPhone, then you should have an app that stitches together images to create panoramas. This app is one of the many available that do just that, but it goes a little further. Instead of just creating a wide shot, it allows you to interact with the image by spinning around as if you’re actually there. The whole point of the app is to share a location with your friends via Facebook or the app itself. So, download the app, use it to take some pictures and make all of your friends jealous.
  • ABC Family – Now you can watch full episodes of your favorite ABC Family shows on your iOS device any time you want. Episodes are available at the same time they are available on and there’s even a guide to help you know what’s going to be on TV soon.
  • Resistor Photo ID – Ever have a hard time identifying the colored bands on a resistor to determine its value? Or maybe you just don’t want to memorize how to decode the color code for resistors. Worse yet, maybe you’re colorblind. Whatever your reason might be, this app allows you to take a picture of a resistor and have your iPhone tell you what the value of the pictured resistor is. While not as cool as the LenWoloPali equation identifying app on BBT,it’s still pretty cool and definitely useful for the makers out there.

Free For a Limited Time:

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