Draw Something iOS game gains immense popularity

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Draw SomethingDraw Something is an iOS game that has achieved quite an accomplishment; it has received over 20 million downloads in only five weeks (the amount of time it has been available on the App Store).  The $0.99 Pictionary-style game is at the top of the charts for paid apps on the App Store in 79 countries, and continues to stack up downloads as more users opt to give it a try. The game is making developer OMGPOP a whopping six figures in revenue daily, according to CEO Dan Porter, which is simply astonishing for such a simple iOS game.

Draw Something involves having players do exactly as the name implies, draw something and have another player guess what it’s supposed to be. Over a billion pictures have been drawn since the game’s release, and at one point (on March 11th) the game’s players were generating over 3,000 drawings per second. However, while the game has seen over 20 million downloads, only 12 million are reported to be active players.

I admittedly haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, but after reading all of these stats, I think I’m going to be giving this game a shot sometime today when I have a few minutes to spare.

Product [Draw Something] Via [TUAW]

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