Verbatim Easy Riser Bluetooth Notebook Laser Mouse review

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Easy RiserProvides: Wireless computer input
Developer: Verbatim
Minimum Requirements: Bluetooth-capable PC/Mac
Price: $49.00
Availability: Now

Notebook owners know how irritating it can be to have to use a trackpad all the time. Sometimes doing so is just unacceptable, such as when gaming. With so many mice on the market, it can be hard to choose one to suit your needs. Many Mac users tend to opt for Apple’s Magic Mouse, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t suitable third-party options out there. One of those I’ve been given the chance to review is Verbatim’s Easy Riser Bluetooth notebook laser mouse, a relatively inexpensive mouse that’s great for when a trackpad just won’t cut it.

The Easy Riser mouse has a very simple design, although with a slightly uncomfortable and very unnatural feel to it; one of its less attractive features. However, it allows its users to adjust mouse height via a switch underneath it (hence the “Easy Riser” name), which does slightly improve its feel. The Easy Riser has very basic mouse features, with only a left, right, and scroll button aside from the power and mouse height switches and Bluetooth Connect button underneath it.

The only possible way to connect it to your Mac or PC is over Bluetooth, as there is no nano receiver. So, if your computer doesn’t have Bluetooth, this isn’t the mouse for you.

Pairing the mouse with my MacBook Pro was straight-forward thanks to OS X’s Bluetooth Setup Assistant. The Easy Riser also comes with a CD loaded with a driver for both Windows and OS X, although I did not notice any difference or new additions within System Preferences after installing it, and the mouse functioned perfectly before I installed it in the first place.

What I do like about the Easy Riser is that it’s a light and responsive mouse that keeps one of my USB ports free.

While probably not the best mouse for gaming, Verbatim’s Easy Riser will do the job when you need a mouse that’s ultra portable and easy to set up and use with your Bluetooth-capable Mac or PC.

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