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The New iPad is now available, and early adopters will get to check out their favorite apps on that glorious Retina Display. Pretty much any iPad app is going to look better on it, but a few apps have been updated specifically for the higher resolution screen. Here are some early ones of which we’ve been notified, with more to come, I’m sure.

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy


  • Art Authority for iPad: Open Door Networks Inc. and Project A Inc. (“Art Authority”) have announced availability of a new release of their award-winning Art Authority for iPad app which, when run on Apple’s new iPad, lets users view classic works of art just as clearly as in a museum. Through the new iPad’s retina display and enhancements to the app, users’ eyes will be unable to discern individual pixels in the works, resulting in museum-quality viewing.
  • Blocks World: TranCreative today introduces Blocks World 1.0, their new retina-ready puzzle-style game title for iPad. Easy to play by players of all ages, Blocks World requires users to solve anagrams by moving letter blocks between limited number of spaces. The player’s score is graded by comparing against the AI engine that won the last two International Planning Competitions. “Blocks World” initially has 55 levels and more will come soon through future updates.
  • Cars in Sandbox: This game will introduce the most interesting category of transportation—construction vehicles—to your children. Different types of construction vehicles and road-building machinery are represented by toy cars. Now the app looks amazing with support of beautiful Retina Display for the new iPad.
  • FreeCell: Brainium Studios has optimized its catalog of games for the new iPad Retina display, including their new FreeCell 1.0 for iOS. FreeCell is a simple and extremely popular solitary card game, where the goal is to build up the four foundations in ascending suit sequence from Ace to King, with cards of identical suit. Brainium created FreeCell with the same fresh and modern look which has made its Solitaire and Spider Solitaire.
  • Gameloft: The company has placed 12 of its games on sale in the Apple App Store. Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationAsphalt 6: AdrenalineOrder & Chaos Online and Gangstar Rio: City of Saints are particularly unique because they’ve all been updated to support the iPad’s Retina display.Asphalt 6: Adrenaline and Order & Chaos Onlinealso include new cars (a DeLorean DMC-12), monsters, quests and items thanks to that update.
  • Real Aquarium HD: Taking full advantage of the retina screen, Real Aquarium HD, a free app, gives its users stunning footage of underwater life while giving them a beautiful way to learn about what they’re viewing. In a nutshell, Real Aquarium HD for iPad is an “interactive encyclopedia” of ocean life. Either place your iPad down and enjoy stunning HD footage of beautiful underwater animals, or delve right into the app and broaden you knowledge of the sea world. It even includes a super cool feature to wirelessly stream the HD aquarium to your Apple TV!
  • Save the Pencil HD: Following Apple’s announcement of the new iPad, Perfect Dimension worked non-stop to prepare Save The Pencil HD (iPad version) to be ready for the new Retina Display. Apple rushed through its approval to make Save The Pencil HD one of the first games availalbe to take advantage of the new display. And it really does look incredible!
  • Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy: NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. and Revo Solutions have announced their latest title—Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy—is now available on the App Store, raising the flight simulation and aerial combat genres to a whole new level. Available exclusively for iOS and optimized for the new iPad, Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy delivers an explosive, never-before-seen experience. The game takes full advantage of the new Retina display and quad core graphics of the new iPad, while incorporating the latest feature of iOS, to immerse players in a variety of console-quality, detailed environments, complete with weather effects and an advanced particle system. Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy is also available today for iPhone and iPod touch.
  • Star Walk and Solar Walk: Vito Technology Inc. has announced the release of new updates to their award-winning Star Walk and Solar Walk apps, which take full advantage of the Retina display and quad core graphics of the new iPad. The popular stargazing guide and 3D Solar system model have been rebuilt with new superior graphics and content to deliver the ultimate cutting-edge experience to present day astronomers, students and romanticists.
Star Walk

Star Walk


  • iStopMotion for iPad: Boinx Software has announced its award-winning iStopMotion for iPad is ready for the new iPad. The update to the vastly popular stop motion and time lapse app includes support for the new 5-megapixel iSight camera, full 1080p HD video, and is optimized for the Retina display.
  • Mobile Mouse: RPA Technology has announced Mobile Mouse 2.1 for the iPad, a Retina display optimized update to their best-selling Utility that transforms your iPad into an oversized multitouch trackpad and remote for your computer. Designed to operate via a local Wi-Fi network, there are no line-of-sight limitations, so users may control Mac, PC, or Linux computers connected to a TV from their location across the room, or use as a replacement for their mouse.
  • Theodolite: Hunter Research and Technology has announced that its popular Theodolite app series has been optimized for the new 3rd generation iPad. Featured numerous times in iTunes, Theodolite HD overlays real-time information about position, altitude, bearing, range, and horizontal/vertical inclination on the iPad’s live camera image, turning the iPad into a sophisticated electronic viewfinder. Uses are endless, and the app is great for navigation, outdoor sports, home projects, and photography.

Also be sure to check out the early cases for the new iPad to make sure you’ve got your protection ready to go.

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