Humble Bundle 2 for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android

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Humble Bundle 2

You have only ten days to take advantage of the latest Humble Bundle, in which you pay what you want for four games with a fifth one available if you pay more than the average. Separately, you’d have to spend $57 for all of the games, but with the Humble Bundle you set the price and determine how much goes to the developers, charities (Electric Frontier Foundation, Child’s Play), and Humble Bundle itself.

  • Canabalt – The sublime, indie parkour platformer by Adam Saltsman. It involves running through a city during an alien invasion and jumping from rooftop-to-rooftop.
  • Zen Bound 2 – A ground-breaking, meditative puzzler that defies convention. Players are given a wooden figurine, which must be wrapped in twine through a process of creative rotation.
  • Cogs – A much-lauded 3D puzzle game that gives the player mechanical structures that need to be fixed in order to function properly.
  • Avadon: The Black Fortress – The RPG fantasy saga from Jeff Vogel’s Spiderweb Software, an indie studio well-known for sprawling experiences and intricate plots. Read Appletell’s Avadon: The Black Fortress review, where we give it 5 out 5.
  • Swords & Soldiers A vibrant, side-scrolling strategy game. Players must spawn the right units to gather resources and overrun the opponent’s base.

All of the games can be played on either OS X, Windows, Linux, or Android, and you can either unlock them on Steam or download DRM-free versions. You don’t have to pick which platform you want because you get access to all of them. Play Avadon on your Mac and Cogs on your Android smartphone without having to buy a separate bundle for each.

Each game has separate system requirements, but if your Mac is running OS X v10.6, you’ll be able to play all of them without any trouble.

For more information on how the Humble Bundle works and how to purchase one for yourself or a friend, go to their website. Just remember you only have ten days before this deal ends.

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