SRS releases all-new MyTunes Pro HD for iPad and MyTunes Pro for iPhone/iPod Touch

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SRS Labs, one of Appletell’s Interesting Audio Finds at Macworld 2012, has debuted their brand new MyTunes Pro line of apps: MyTunes Pro HD for iPad users and the MyTunes Pro app for iPhone and iPod Touch. Combined with a nifty sweepstakes, this announcement brings advanced audio processing features to the music library on your iDevices, letting you enhance, expand, and pump up your audio like never before. For iPhone/iPod Touch, the app is $6.99, and for the iPad “HD” version, the price is $9.99.

MyTunes Pro includes a number of features, but the basic idea of the app is to make your music fit your listening setup. In most cases, this involves audio processing technology that restores audio details that might get lost, like lower bass notes that disappear with small-driver headphones or muddled clarity of mid tones on cheap speakers. Basic features of MyTunes Pro include SRS’s WOW HD processing, which provides a virtual surround-sound experience that makes music feel much more spatially realistic to a live recording (and which was, in fact, included in drivers for Apple’s MultipleScan AV monitors back in the late ’90s). Other features include a 10-band equalizer and listening presets that tailor the sound for various listening environments, like headphones, small speakers, car speakers, etc.

Brand new features added in today’s release include:

  • Party Mode – Automatically mixes song lists to match the mood of your party
  • Workout Mode – Matches the tempo of your music to your workouts without changing the pitch, so you can listen to your favorite music and give your workout a boost.
  • TruSpeed – Speed control that functions independently of your music’s pitch.
  • Airplay – Music processed through MyTunes can now be streamed over AirPlay.

Products [MyTunes Pro or MyTunes Pro HD]

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  • Warren

    I purchased MyTunes Pro for my iPhone 4 and 4th Gen iPod Touch. I use the iPod Touch in my car, via the 30-pin dock connector. When using only the Apple music player, I have full control over the iPod using my head unit controls, as well as the steering wheel buttons. ID Tag 3 information (especially song title and artist) are shown on the head unit.

    Not so with MyTunes Pro. The very first song that starts to play will display, but will not change as the tracks change. I can change volume and track using steering wheel buttons, but the device becomes confused after several scrolls, and ceases play altogether. I do not know why SRS Labs failed to fully implement the control features of the iPod Touch and iPhone (which behaves the same way).

    Worse, I have reported the problems to SRS Labs a month ago, and they have not responded. Their customer support is awful.

  • Tim Tyson

    The UI is great on iPhone 4s, iPad 4 and iPod Touch 4th generation. However, the usefulness of these apps stop there, sadly. It seemed to happen after the most recent update. Static, skipping, inaccurate transitions, cutting the end of songs too soon, force closes and sporadic unusual sound quality are issues on all three devices. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the app and deleted/reloaded my music library on all devices but the results are the same. Being a live sound audio engineer, I have tested both apps through concert production series systems. I will hold onto the apps in hopes of an update to solve these issues since I purchased both apps. There is great potential for these apps. Once again, they worked well before the last update. Support local live music and music education.