Smule announces Beatstream music game for iOS

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Smule, makers of many popular music apps and final victor in the Ocarina Wars, has announced their latest creation, Beatstream, which takes the music already on your iPhone and turns it into a game. The goal is to navigate down the path, passing through the colored barriers. You do this (apparently) by matching the color of your ship to the color of the barrier by tapping along to the beat of the song.

From the press release, giver of truth and light:

Your music is now a game…Beatstream transforms any song in your iTunes library into a unique fast-paced music game. From Katy Perry to Lil Wayne, it analyzes your songs and creates a game track based on the beats and rhythm of the song.

The challenge: Make your way down the track without crashing into the barriers. Match the color of the arrow to the color of the barrier and blast through. Miss too many times and end up in tragic silence.

Here’s the video showing gameplay:

And here are the bullet points:

  • Select any song from your iTunes library.
  • Every song is unique! New game tracks every time, with barriers specific to that song.
  • Choose your mode of play: Normal or Warped.
  • Set your difficulty: Easy, Normal or Hard.
  • Blast your way through the color changing beat barriers by tapping anywhere on the screen to flip the arrow.
  • You are a two-faced arrow, one side blue, and one side yellow.
  • The color of your arrow is the key! Match the arrow color to the barrier and blast right through, mix the colors up, and lose points or end up in tragic silence.
  • Colorful backgrounds change and pulse to the energy of the song!

Beatstream is available now for iPhone and iPod touch for $0.99 in the iTunes App store.

Product [Beatstream]

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