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If you fought in the Legendary Wars, then you’re well aware of how the heroes of Legendaria rose up to fight off the undead forces of the Netherworld. Perhaps, after victory, you felt pretty good about yourself. But did you ever stop to consider all those monsters you were killing? Their motivations? Their wants and needs? Their upgrade paths? Monster Wars returns you to Legendaria, this time telling the story from the monsters’ point of view as they defend their gold and their very lives from the forces of light.

What is it?

Monster Wars is the sequel to Legendary Wars, and is pretty much the same mash-up of tower defense, RPG and side-scrolling hack and slash action. Like its predecessor, the core gameplay of Monster Wars involves mining for resources that you turn into currency that you use to buy new units to attack oncoming hordes. All this happens in real time, so there’s a lot to watch, swipe to and tap at any given time.


But there’s more variety this time around, with over 15 customizable spiders, ogres, vampires, skeletons and other monsters, all of whom have special attacks you can unleash on the battlefield (and new costumes that are unveiled in classic RPG style). In fact, you get more control over each character during battles, and there are more battles to fight, too; over 60 levels spread across 7 worlds.

Monster Wars

And there’s something wholly satisfying about spilling a unicorn’s rainbow blood. Don’t tell my daughter I said that, though.

How does it work?

Monster Wars eases you into the gameplay with basic defense or attack levels that only involve a couple unit types. You mostly decide what type of unit to create, place it in a lane to advance on the enemies, and repeat. You can tap a unit to select it and change its course, and because the battlefield scrolls left and right, you’ll be doing a lot of swiping to manage your units.

Monster Wars

When battles are over, you’re able to purchase upgrades for the various units and get new units in general to help you achieve your increasingly difficult objectives. One of the great things about Monster Wars is that those objectives are constantly changing up. This isn’t just 60 levels of tower defense; there’s little chance you’ll get bored with the gameplay because you’re constantly having to change up your strategies with runner levels, escort missions, castle sieges, etc.

Monster Wars

A lot of the upgrades come via gems and soulstones meaning you’ll either have to level grind through the endless modes or shell out actual cash via in-app purchases in order to get the big upgrades. Whether that’s good or bad, I leave to you. The good news is that the time and/or financial investments pay off, because completing the campaign mode unlocks harder difficulties. That and the ongoing free additions from Liv Games means you can keep going for quite some time.

Is it contagious?

Monster Wars is a nice improvement over Legendary Wars. It retains the core gameplay, but expands upon in it ways that bring some new life without putting out fans of the original. The iPad version now features support for the Retina display, improving upon its already gorgeous visuals. And because it’s a universal app, your single purchase leaves you ready to go on however many iDevices you own.

There are iOS games I enjoy more than Monster Wars, but as they come and go from my iPad, Monster Wars will remain, always ready for the next session of intense strategy fun…and waiting for the next entry in the series. Collateral Damage Wars, perhaps?

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