Verbatim Ergo Mouse review

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Verbatim Ergo mouseProvides: Wireless computer input
Developer: Verbatim
Minimum Requirements: USB port
Price: $37.42
Availability: Now

While Verbatim’s Ergo mouse is a cheaper option than the Easy Riser Bluetooth mouse I reviewed last week, it’s my preference of the two for a few reasons. Probably my favorite feature of the Ergo is its perfect design and comfort level, a flaw of the Easy Riser. The Ergo actually feels natural in your hand, and doesn’t cause discomfort even after hours of continuous use. The Ergo is also somewhat more feature-rich than Verbatim’s Easy Riser, with two side buttons and a more responsive scroll button.

The Ergo does not run on Bluetooth as the Easy Riser does, but instead uses a USB nano receiver to retain the same wireless experience. To me, this was actually preferable to Bluetooth, as it required less time to set up (the Ergo doesn’t even come with any driver software whatsoever—you just plug it in and power it on and you’re good to go).

The Ergo also beats the Easy Riser in terms of compatibility; not every computer comes equipped with Bluetooth support, but almost every modern computer has a USB port. I can barely think of anything the Ergo is lacking other than full customizability. While the lack of driver software is a benefit in some ways, it’s also somewhat of a downside as the default settings within System Preferences on OS X don’t exactly do the Ergo justice.

Aside from that, the Ergo is virtually flawless for such a low price. Given the choice between the Easy Riser and Ergo, I would choose to save a bit and get the Ergo.

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