Tick Tock Dock alarm clock FM speaker dock review

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Tick Tock DockProvides: iPhone, iPod touch audio playback, charging, display
Developer: Edifier International, Ltd.
Minimum Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch for docking functions, or any device with audio output
Price: $79.99 (normally $99.99)
Availability: Now

Edifier’s Tick Tock Dock is a clear example of why using a dock/iDevice combo for your alarm clock makes good sense when done correctly. It gets almost everything right from the audio and docking perspectives, which is good because it messes up on the one thing that alarm clock developers have been wrestling with since the devices went digital; it’s a pain to use.

If you’re not frequently using the buttons on the Tick Tock Dock, it’s difficult to remember what does what. It’s a mess of buttons with labels like Func and Mode that do nothing to tell you what they’re for. If I see a Set button, I want to hit that to set something. Should I have to hit Mode in order to hit Set in order to hit buttons to raise and lower the time? No. Give me a Time button, and Alarm button, and a couple arrow buttons and I’m good.

Or, give me dock that flips open in the front so when I plug my iPhone into it, the time automatically resets to match the phone. Well done, Edifier. Well done.

Tick Tock Dock

Sticking with the clock sans phone for a minute, a round area above the flip-out dock indicates the time or FM station in a soft white light against a blueish background. The display is fine, and it’s covered up when your iPhone or iPod touch is docked, allowing you to use whatever alarm clock app you choose.

At the top center are the audio/alarm controls, set in a circular pattern that are a bit difficult to press when you’re trying to shut off an alarm in the morning. Another reason to use this only if you plan to supplement it with an alarm clock app so you can just bypass the hardware altogether. When doing so, your alarm will play through the Tick Tock Dock’s speakers, which provide more than enough sound to rouse you out of bed in the morning. The retro design allows the alarm bells to function as 1-1/2″ omni-directional speakers that pack enough punch to fill a bedroom, making this a good device for just listening to music, too, via your iDevice, the built-in FM radio or the 1/8″ stereo auxiliary input on the back.

The Tick Tock Dock (available in black, white, and beige) doesn’t take up much space on your bedside table, which is a big benefit over many of its competitors. However, the vertical design does present the possibility of it being knocked over when you’re reaching to shut off an alarm, or at least being pushed around because of it’s light weight. It’s also worth noting that there’s no battery back-up; if you loose power during the night, you’ll have to hope your iPhone battery had enough charge to remain on until it’s time for the alarm to go off.

At the current sale price of $80.00, the Tick Tock Dock is nicely priced for an FM radio alarm clock speaker dock. The audio is fine and the iDevice connectivity works exactly as it should. You won’t want to use it without your iDevice, though, as the hardware interface is almost as annoying to deal with as mornings themselves.

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Tick Tock Dock review

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