Appidemic: Fix-it-up ’80s: Meet Kate’s Parents HD for iPad

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Fans of time management games—specifically those dealing with running a car repair/car trading business of sorts—will surely be delighted with the latest game in the Fix-it-up series by G5. This time around, you’ll go back in time to the ’80s as Kate’s parents struggle to build a car repair empire. So, if you’re tired of the food or spa theme, you might want to take up on running a car repair/car trading time management game for a change.

Fix-it-Up '80s: Meet Kate's Parents

What is it?

As mentioned, Fix-it-up 80s: Meet Kate’s Parents is a time management game. The main objective of the game is for you to turn a series of car lots into successful car trading/car repair outlets. At your disposal are various cars which you can buy from your customers, and once they are in your shop, your business is to repair these cars through washing, repainting, and bodywork. The ultimate goal is, of course, to showcase the cars and sell them at profitable prices.

How does it work?

The gameplay is pretty simple. You buy cars as cheap as possible, send the cars to various areas in your shops to do the necessary work, sell the cars, hire new employees from your earnings ,and eventually turn your car repair/car trading shops into a profitable business. You can also upgrade your shop as well as buy new spare parts that you can use later on.

Upgrading old cars and selling them are not all the game has to offer. In every level, you’ll also be challenged with various objectives you need to finish. These include raising specific amounts of money, buying a number of cars, and so on. Each level also has a time limit to fulfill specific objectives. Once objectives are complete and done, that’s when you complete a level and proceed to the next.

Is it contagious?

For a time management game, Fix-it-up ’80s: Meet Kate’s Parents certainly has all the bells and whistles, two of which will get you hooked into this game: 45 levels of varying difficulty and objectives, and excellent graphics. The game has everything you’ll look for in a time management game.

Category: Games
Seller: G5 Entertainment
Cost: Free (full game unlock for $4.99)
Download: Fix-it-up 80s: Meet Kate’s Parents HD (also available for iPhone and iPod touch)

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