Apple now rejecting iOS apps that access iDevice UDIDs

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UDIDApple has now started rejecting iOS App Store submissions that access an iDevice’s Unique Device Identifier (UDID) in any way, as the company had been planning to do since iOS 5 was introduced. Several iOS developers have reported that their apps have been rejected for somehow accessing iDevice UDIDs, and word is that Apple is going to more strictly enforce this new policy in the near future.

This move on Apple’s part is likely due to the mounting pressure on the company to implement better privacy policies, as the public has recently been made aware of surprising and concerning privacy issues, such as the uploading of a user’s contact information to third-party servers, among others.

Unfortunately for many developers, Apple has not made any special announcements recently declaring that this new policy is now coming into effect, so many are rushing to remove UDID access from their apps in order to resubmit them to the App Store. If you’re a developer and your iOS app(s) access an iDevice’s UDID, it is highly recommended you make the effort to change this before Apple pulls or rejects your app(s).

Via [MacRumors]

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