iPhoneception turns an iPhone into an April Fools prank

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iPhoneceptionExcited about April Fools Day? It’s less than a week away now, so you best start planning your pranks early. A good (and harmless) one for those who have friends with iPhones has emerged, calling itself iPhoneception. Basically a web app that mimics an iPhone’s screen with some special effects, iPhoneception will have your friends thinking something is very wrong with their iPhone.

iPhoneception can be used on any iPhone that doesn’t require a passcode to unlock, and involves no installation process aside from the process of adding it to the victim’s iPhone’s Home screen within Safari. Setting it up in order to prank one of your friends requires that you have access to the iPhone for about a minute so you can access the iPhoneception web page in Safari, select from the four available effects (explosions, gravity, kittens, and zombies), add the page to the Home screen, launch it, and finally lock the iPhone and hand it back to your friend.

If you don’t have an iPhone available to you at the moment to try this on in advance, you can watch a video of iPhoneception in action below:

Via [TUAW]

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