iKlip Studio iPad stand review

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Provides: Support and display for iPad
Developer: IK Multimedia
Minimum Requirements: iPad
Price: $29.99
Availability: Now

There are numerous stands available for your iPad, covering a wide degree of styles. Some look to match the Apple design aesthetic, others look to provide enhanced functionality. IK Multimedia’s iKlip Studio leans towards the latter, targeting itself more specifically towards users of its various musician-oriented hardware and apps. And yet, the iKlip Studio is actually one of better iPad stands I’ve seen for everyday use, as well.

iKlip Studio

There are two aspects users of the iKlip Studio will notice right away. The first is the solid thermoplastic construction that actually bears some decent weight to it. The retail product will actually be made from a heavier grade material than my review unit, which was already sturdier than most other iPad stands I’ve tried. Couple this with the rubber foot pads and you’re getting an iPad stand that isn’t going anywhere should you bump up against it.

iKlip Studio

The second feature I like most about the iKlip Studio is the secure positioning of the back support at a wide degree of angles. Cutouts in the bottom piece anchor a tab in the iPad support piece, which isn’t going anywhere if you don’t want it to. So, whether you’re sitting a table with your guitar on your lap or standing in front of a desk with your guitar over your shoulder, you can position the iKlip Studio at an angle that provides full view of the iPad screen. And if you need to adjust the angle, simply move the tab to another cutout.

The iPad itself can be display vertically or horizontally when in the iKlip Studio, with full access to all necessary ports and buttons. The iKlip covers your iPad’s speaker when in portrait mode, but the supports contain openings to allow the audio to pass through (viewable in the image above). It’s also important to note that there’s room in portrait mode for the iPad’s docking cable to remain connected.

And finally, the iKlip Studio caters a bit to its own by offering a detachable mounting bracket for your iRig adapter.

iKlip Studio

If you’ve bought into the IK Multimedia music studio system, the iKlip Studio will make sure you’re keeping everything tightly integrated.

But again, it functions perfectly well as an iPad display for everyday use. It’s sturdy, it’s versatile, it doesn’t detract from the iPad’s natural appearance, and it folds down flat for easy portability or storage when it’s not in use. Whether you’re using your iPad to record music/podcasts, watch videos or listen to albums, there’s no need for it to leave the iKlip Studio when you don’t need to be holding it.

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iKlip Studio review

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