Korg announces new microKEY keyboards for iOS and Mac devices

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Korg microKEY 61

Apple can promote the music capabilities of the iOS and OS X hardware and software until the Dogcows come home, but it won’t do them much good without the support of third-party instrument developers. As such, Korg continues to expand their iPad and Mac compatible devices with the microKEY SUB powered keyboard and MIDI controller family. The portable microKEY-25 and studio-ready microKEY-61 have now joined the previously available microKEY-37.

The microKEY line offers compact and customized MIDI command for musicians on a budget, but without sacrificing keyboard feel and function. The Mac and PC-compatible microKEYs run on USB power, making them well-suited for on-the-go laptop musicians, and the the microKEY 37- and 61-key models both serve double-duty as a USB hub.

For iPad musicians, the microKEY-25 can be used to control apps such as the Korg iMS-20 via MIDI.

Korg microKEY 25

All microKEY models feature velocity-sensing mini keys, using the Natural Touch keybed. This keybed has been designed with careful attention to the touch and feel: the proportions of the black keys and white “waterfall” keys have been adjusted for optimal playability, with a key touch that makes it easy to play chords. The microKEY also accurately conveys the dynamics of the user’s performance to any software package. Free “Korg KONTROL Editor” software also enables users to customize microKEY for their production or performance system.

In addition to the Korg Legacy Collection software included with the microKEY-61, all microKEY models ship with the software licenses and discount coupons so users can start making music right away.

Korg microKEY 25, 37, and 61 keyboards will be available at a variety of international retailers for $69.99, $79.99 and $179.99, respectively.

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