Lensbaby Composer Pro now for mirrorless cameras

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You’ve been lusting after Lensbaby’s Composer Pro lens since about this time last year, but if you have a mirrorless camera, you couldn’t join in on the fun; at least, not with the Pro. Thankfully, that’s not the case anymore. Owner’s of Micro Four Thirds, Sony NEX or Samsung NX cameras can now get their camera bodies on the new Composer Pro to help create some truly unique selective focus shots. The Composer Pro for mirrorless cameras supports the Lensbaby Optic Swap System and comes with the Double Glass Optic installed. You can order one now at Lensbaby’s site for $300.

Even if you haven’t yet heard of Lensbaby, you’ve more than likely seen what they can do. Lensbaby is all about selective focus lenses. Their latest and greatest—the Composer Pro—is an upgrade to the already popular Composer lens. There’s an upgraded swivel ball and focus mechanism that helps you get the perfect shot. The focusing mechanism has been refined to deliver smooth focus and tilt control. Basically, this is a pro level manual focus lens for mirrorless cameras.

While you can get a number of difference focus optics, the lens comes with the Double Glass Optic. It’s a 50mm f/2 selective focus optic. It has what they call the Sweet Spot in the center for sharp focus. The upgraded metal swivel ball on the Composer Pro allows you to move this focal point around the frame to create an original shot. Since the Composer Pro supports the Lensbaby Optic Swap System, you can expand this lens with other optics.

I’m really happy to see Lensbaby supporting mirrorless cameras. They’re an excellent compromise between camera size and image quality. More than just highly portable, Micro Four Thirds cameras are known to be great video cameras too. If you plop a Lensbaby Composer Pro on the front of it, you’re sure to get some of the most unique images and video.

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