New trailer posted for cross-platform action strategy game Prime World

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Prime World

I’ve been following the progress of Prime World since I was able to play through a campaign at E3 2011. Development has been slow going, but as we’re now looking towards E3 2012, Nival has released a new trailer to promote the forthcoming English language open beta.

Before we roll the clip, though, let’s let Nival set it up:

In Prime World, players take up arms in an almighty battle between technology and magic with the ultimate goal of controlling the priceless energy source Prime. Players will choose from dozens of characters, develop them in their own castle and go head to head with friends in ferocious PvP battles. Hero classes already revealed include Quarrier, Fire Fox, Rat Master, Archer, Artiste and Inventor, each with their own distinct skillsets and battlefield idiosyncrasies to master. Check the website for more information on these characters.

The trailer below reveals a taste of what awaits gamers in their battle to overthrow their enemies and win control of the priceless Prime resource…and it does it with a totally rockin’ soundtrack!

“You gotta say what you hafta say!”

The open beta will be available to gamers this summer.

Prime World

To learn more about Prime World—including the game’s mythology and heroes—and to grab some screenshots and wallpapers for various devices, visit

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