Apple to replace iPads affected by Wi-Fi issues

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Internal AppleCare documentAn internal AppleCare document obtained by 9to5Mac (and shown above) confirms that Apple is currently looking into Wi-Fi issues with its newest third-generation iPad, and will be replacing units that have been affected. The new iPad has been reported to suffer from a variety of Wi-Fi-related issues, including connection drops, slow speeds, and the inability to discover local networks. A thread over at Apple Support Communities has gathered up hundreds of replies pertaining to complaints related to these issues, which has now certainly gained Apple’s attention.

These Wi-Fi issues come alongside reported issues with charging and overheating in the new third-generation iPad, all of which have occurred within iDevices before. Apple is taking action by instructing AppleCare employees to verify that the Wi-Fi issues are hardware-related and to replace any iPads that are indeed affected. According to the company, it is just the Wi-Fi-only models of the third-generation iPad that are experiencing these issues, and the 4G LTE models are assumed to be completely unaffected.

Affected iPads are apparently being shipped to engineering centers to investigate what is causing these issues, while customers receive a free replacement unit. If you believe your third-generation Wi-Fi-only iPad is suffering from any Wi-Fi issues, it would most likely be in your best interests to seek a replacement unit from Apple.

Via [9to5Mac]

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