80GB iPhones?

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80GB iPhone

Going along with the theme of video tours, Apple released a video today showing you how to activate your iPhone on AT&T, and also how to sync your iPhone. With t-minus 3 days until the iPhone is launched, it makes sense that Apple has finally released this information. The best part is that you will be able to do everything from setting up your cellphone plans, to syncing your iPhone right from iTunes!

The bizarre part of the video though is what you see in the above screenshot. 74.40GBs? Confused? Yeah, me too. The Summary tab indicates that an iPhone with a 7.2GB capacity is used in the video, but the screenshot says otherwise.It is most likely that this is a mistake, though an iPhone with 80GBs would be really awesome.

Another thing worth noting is that the Ringtones tab is now missing in action in the iTunes window. I guess this must mean that Ringtones won’t be sold on iTunes anytime soon.

Watch [iPhone Sync/Set-up video]

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